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UX Designer | 2023


About Creator Network

To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have changed some of the quantitative data and omitted some information in this case study. All information in this case study is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of Electronic Arts.

EA Creator Network is a hub for creators of all types who play EA games to upload content and get paid.


  • Content creators (full-time and part time)
  • Community managers of various game franchises of EA create opportunities for the creators

This case study focuses a large feature I worked on - Content Deliverables.

My Role

As an Experience Designer II, I am responsible for strategizing and designing features for the Creator Hub - the creator-facing side of EA Creator Network.

I work with a design lead and another designer who is responsible for the employee-facing side.

I partner directly with product, design, research, and engineering leads to take features from ideas to execution.


  • Helped save time between development and QA teams by reducing the number of tickets created through improving the design handoff process
  • Defined clear user needs by collaborating with research to design and assisted with workshops to better understand the user needs of Creators and Community Managers
  • Improved the usability of the community manager admin tool through co-conducting a heuristic analysis in collaboration with research

Case Study: How might we scale the content submission flow for Creators?

I worked with a design lead, designer, product manager, researchers, business partners, and the engineering team to design the content submission flow.



I worked with research to conduct content management workshops and 1:1 interviews with community managers.

Key Findings

  • Community managers want to request specific deliverables (ie. files types, social media channels) for the opportunities they manage
  • Community managers want creators to submit multiple deliverables for one opportunity
  • Community managers want to set different content submission deadlines for individual deliverables for the same opportunity
  • Community managers want to define specific details for individual deliverables to be shared to the creator

I took the results of research and did ideation sketches to inform future designs and co-created and conducted more workshops with UX researchers for feedback on those sketches before moving into wireframing.

Solution: Content Deliverables

These are what creators submit after participating in an opportunity.

Opportunity example: New Sims expansion pack launches, creator to create a reaction livestream

Deliverable example: 1 livestream, 1 tweet and 2 IG story posts promoting the livestream

Content Deliverables highlights all of the deliverables and the statuses of those that the creator needs to submit for the specific opportunity in order to get paid.

The deliverables and content feedback loop I’ve worked on aims to scale this process. Before, it was all manual. The creators emailed the community managers back and forth.


Page Layout

I brainstormed to see how deliverables would fit in the existing content submission flow. I introduced a new card - Deliverables.

I started by sketching how Deliverables could fit in the flow. I then got feedback from the product team to finalize the layout of the page and proceeded onto higher fidelity explorations of the card

Deliverables Card


Content Deliverables

After the creator submits content, they can track the status of their deliverable.

The Deliverables card exists in the tab that’s part of the opportunity.

A Deliverable's Journey

Measuring Success

Less feedback loops needed → Faster content approval

Time saved → A streamlined experience would lead to less back and forth between community managers and creators different platforms.

Current Metrics

15,000+ creators applied to EA Creator Network after the public launch

$400,000 in sales generated in 1 month during Support-a-Creator’s initial beta launch

Lessons Learned

Working in phases to quickly launch, test, and iterate. Phase 1 content submissions just enabled the creators to submit files, phase 2 (deliverables) enabled the community manager to configure specific deliverables. Phase 3 may allow for many rounds of feedback

Designing familiar experiences - taking familiar user experience patterns from other websites (eg. to do lists) helps the creator onboard faster and the use the product more effectively.

Asking for feedback on collaboration process with cross-functional partners. I’ve worked with the front end engineering team and leads to improve my design hand-off process. This helped save time between development and QA by reducing the number of tickets when I improved my design documentation and created a shared component library.


This feature is currently being implemented. After launch, we will collect usage data and feedback from creators to iterate on

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