Electronic Arts Internship: Design Systems

UX Designer | Summer & Fall 2020


EA Help Experience Improvements – Design System

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To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have changed some of the quantitative data and omitted some information in this case study.


Design Systems



Senior Experience Design Manager

My Role

UX Design Intern working under my manager, a Senior Experience Design Manager


I created a scalable design system in Figma based off Atomic Design Principles.

I set up a consistent file, naming, and design system in Figma based off other projects from my team members to keep everything consistent.

This design system is made using the Electronic Arts branding guidelines. My role included making a design system of the new components on the EA Help pages I’ve designed and tested.

Currently, this design system is used by my design team. The ultimate goal is to enable collaboration with product managers and engineers to become more efficient.

This design system is constantly evolving to meet everyone's needs.

Universal Naming Convention

For naming and organizing in Figma, styles and components are named the following:

In Figma, I have also placed each category of components on different named frames as the frame acts as another folder hierarchy in the component library.