About Me

I’m a UX/Product Designer with a background in illustration, engineering, blogging, and social media.

My goal is to create digital experiences and communities where everyone feels included.

I like to do many things - design, art, content creation, traveling, running, and swimming!


✨ Experience

I’m a Product/UX Designer at Electronic Arts where I design products for player experience and marketing. I'm also the Founder & Product Design Lead at Design Buddies. At EA, I'm specifically working on EA Creator Network, EA Events, and design systems.

In the past, I designed & developed virtual reality games to make learning fun.

🎨 Art Projects

I'm creating illustrations, graphic design, and branding for Design Buddies.

For fun, I have been drawing and creating 3D renders daily.

In the past, I designed my own line of merchandise and tabled at conventions through my art business, Candyleaf Designs.

🐰 Community

I founded Design Buddies, an inclusive design community with 35,000+ members since April 2020 through organic growth.

I create content to help designers, students, and community builders. I've done 80+ speaking events and podcasts, have been featured in the media and won awards for design & art, cross country & track, and academics.

I have also been blogging since 2014 I have multiple Instagram accounts dedicated to lifestyle, digital art, food art, drawing, and boba. You can also find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Medium.

🎓 Education

I’m a (very part time) Computer Science & Engineering graduate student at Santa Clara University. Here, I'm also doing a Master's thesis on how to use online communities for learning UX design.

I graduated with my bachelor’s degree with a major in Bioengineering and minor in Computer Science & Engineering in June 2019.

🕗 Past

☁︎ Community Lead, intern.club - a 5,000+ global community of interns

☁︎ Design Lead, Augment - a community of intern leaders who help empower & elevate students around the world

☁︎ Virtual Reality Robotic Surgery Game Developer Intern, Intuitive

☁︎Technology Camp Counselor & Artist, Girls Make Games

You can check out my full experience on LinkedIn.

🎊 Fun Facts

☁︎ In my past life, I was an aspiring Olympic marathon runner, neurosurgeon with an MD-PhD, and anime artist.

☁︎ I am a Yelp Elite and have an Instagram just for boba (paused due to Covid).

☁︎  I was close to running a sub-5:00 mile in high school and was a Division 1 cross country and track runner.

☁︎ Being bullied in middle school inspired me to start running and work harder.